Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Six years.

Today is mine and Ben's sixth anniversary and sadly we are about 1500 miles apart. He is in Utah and I'm in Indiana. Even though we're apart, I wanted to say, "I love you" to my cute husband on zee blog (insert French accent here).

I would ordinarily post a picture of the hubs and I on wedding day, but since I am on my parent's desktop and they don't have any pictures from my wedding on their computer (gasp!) I'll just post some stats from our marriage....

Over the past six years we have had...
-Three different residences
-Five different cars
-Seven different jobs
-One college graduation (mine)
-Five hospital visits
-Three pets (our current cats as well as a puppy for 3 weeks)
-One fabulous little boy

I love you my Benjamin!

1 comment:

Megan Payne said...

awww, Lexi.

Curious what the 5 hospital visits are!?

And Congratulations on the Anniversary!!!!