Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decking the halls.

On Sunday night we got started on all our Christmas celebrating. We put the Carpenter's Christmas cd on- a Bartnett family tradition- and started to put up all of our Christmas decorations.

Last year Dylan was just a few months old, so he didn't care about decorating, but this year he was all about it! The minute that Ben dragged the tree up from the basement he wanted in on the action.

We quickly realized that the tree would not be able to be set up in the enormous empty space in our living room (more on that empty space later. What the heck should we do with it?).

Behold, the empty space (and Dylan with my blowdryer. He loves that thing. This was two days prior to the Chi murder--- which btw, Ben fixed it! Yay! Resurrected Chi!)
I think that Dylan is telling the paparazzi (me) to go away.

We had to put the tree back into a little corner between our couches, since it was easy to see that Dylan was not one of those kids who could just look at the tree. Nope, he wants to climb up the tree, and take off every ornament in the process. See, he's already trying to use Ben as a stepping stool to get to the tree.

We ended up having to scoot the couches even closer since Dylan was so sneaky and had wedged himself between them and grabbed onto the tree. Who is this kid?

The finished product. Hooray!!!

Here are the other bits of Christmas decor around the house:


Suzie Soda said...

Chrissi..I tired to send you a birthday card but it came back. Wja is your email address? Suzie Romans

ps. I also asked you as a friend request on FB.

Anonymous said...

love it. and believe it or not, we have ours up too. just not completely decorated. and the "help" from our little ones doesn't seem to get any better. already broken ornaments. insert half hearted smile.