Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let's all shed a tear.

My beloved Chi has died. Scratch that, my beloved Chi has been murdered. The culprit?

This guy

My seemingly innocent little boy grabbed my Chi (which was apparently too close to the edge of the bathroom counter- and it was turned off, thank goodness) and dropped it right on the hard tile floor. The result? Chi will no longer turn on. Anyone know a Chi repair person?

Thank heaven that my birthday is in one week- I have a feeling that a  new Chi will be my birthday present to myself.

The Score:
Mom's expensive things- 0


Melissa said...

Thomas can fix 99.7% of things. When can I pick it up?

Morgan said...

I would cry too! I got a scratch on mine about 2 years ago and nearly went into panic mode. It worked just fine, but it took me a while to get over my precious tool being damaged (even superficially) at all!

Anonymous said...

um, because i am heavily medicated right now, i thought you were talking about your beloved chia pet. and i just couldn't figure out why you would ever own one, much less care that it got destroyed. then i realized after much thought that it was in fact your straightener. you should get what i have. can't remember the name right now, but it lasts 10 years.

Jin @ CURLY + NERDY said...

aawwww...well I'm glad baby is ok!