Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Confessions.

1. Today at work was a big fail for me, as I had court and completely forgot to bring copies of the court report with me. This doesn't always mean catastrophe, but in this certain case it did. For some reason no one could find the copies of the report that I faxed them last week, and I didn't have any reserves in hand. Now I'm definitely on a certain attorney's you-know-what list.

2. I've had an early morning workout bag packed every night for the past 20 or so nights. Every night I tell myself that I'm going to go to the gym early the next morning and even set my alarm for the crack of dawn. Can anyone guess how many times I've gone to the gym in the early am? The correct answer is zero.

3. Dylan is officially the world's pickiest eater, which is sure to drive me to drinking and drugs. Yesterday I set a piece of delish chocolate cake in front of him to see if he would even try it, as he refuses to try anything that doesn't look like ravioli or yogurt. And just as I expected, he wouldn't even touch the chocolate cake. This boy surely can't be mine if he refuses cake.

4. I have eaten approximately 538 peppermint Hershey kisses since last Wednesday. Take that, Weight Watchers.

5. I actually made dinner tonight (a Christmas miracle in itself) and was deeply offended when Ben said that he didn't like it. I took it as a personal attack, which means that I am still shooting him dirty looks three hours later.

6. Christmas is in less than two weeks and I have no idea what to get Ben. I refuse to get him any golf paraphernalia, as it would be like giving a drug addict a new crack pipe for Christmas.

Please share your confessions, as I want something to laugh at other than at myself...

* Sorry if this list is a little gripey and whatnot, I'm just in one of those moods. Will work on an attitude adjustment for tomorrow.


Jake and Em said...

Hahaha!!! Thanks for a good laugh!!! And not liking dare he !! Doesn't he know that's a big no no in the husband hand book !

Megan Payne said...

hahaha! This is funny!

Anonymous said...

crack pipe. thats funny. lets see. my confessions. been to burger king probably 3 times in the last week. been to costco, just to walk around at least 5 times in the last week. and the list goes on. ps. dylan not liking cake? that is a serious problem. because hen is a picky eater as well, but he just wants candy, cakes, cookies, donuts, whatever not on the LP list and won't eat anything else.