Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar ensembles + a healthy dose of cattiness.

The Best:

Reese Witherspoon in Giorio Armani Prive.
I thought that Reese looked absolutely amazing. The dress was lovely, but my favorite was her amazing hair! It looked great! I realize that she was probably wearing 5 lbs. of weave, but it looked stunning. I also loved the emerald earrings she wore. I saw a lot of emerald last night and it looked to be the hot gem of the moment.

Anne Hathaway in Givenchy.
Anne rocked something like 7 gowns during the show, and this one was by far my favorite. I liked her as the host for the most part, but her giggling was kinda bothersome.

Mila Kunis in Elie Saab.
Girlfriend can do no wrong in the fashion department- she always looks great on the red carpet. That being said, she will always be Jackie from That 70's Show. Bonus tidbit: She's actually very nice in real life. I know this because Mila and I have a mutual friend/acquaintance.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein.
I'll be honest, sometimes I don't want to like you, but I always end up loving your ensembles. Your hair and makeup look great with this dress and your figure is out of this world. How is it that you've had two children?

Jennifer Hudson in Versace.
She looked amazing last night- great dress, great color, amazing body. I can't believe how good she looks! Makes me want to do better at WW so I can have results like her!

My not-so-favorites?
Amy Adams in L 'Wren Scott.
Love the dress, love the jewelry. Just not together. It just didn't work for me.

Scarlett Johansson in Dolce and Gabbana
What can I say besides yuck? Her hair and makeup looked dreadful and her lace thing does nothing for her. Sorry girl- bad dress, and bad decision on letting Ryan Reynolds go. Also, you look like an alien took over your body. Lose the vacant expression!

Nicole Kidman in.... something.
Nicole, you look great from your waist to your botoxed forhead. From the waist down, your dress does some weirdo things that I'm just not a fan of. From forehead up, your ponytail looked blah and greasy.

Sharon Stone in Christian Dior.
Eek. Looks like Cruella DeVil went to the Oscars. The hair was just too much and the gown could have been lovely if not for the odd featherness at her shoulder. And her stare is just freaking me out. Can she see me through the computer or something?


The Clems said...

i feel like you and i are the only ones that care about this crap. and yes, at the end of the day, its all crap! but, i do agree with you on reese! wow, her hair was amazing! i thought of all the ways i could possibly make that hair work for me. wish i had hundreds of dollars for the hair pieces it took to build it! i bet that is the new do for the next few months. Mila, flawless. JHud is where we will agree to disagree. I was not a fan of her boobs. I liked the dress, but the cleavage freaked me out a bit. and yes, she looks amazing after her weight loss. you might knock me a bit, but i loved cate blanchetts dress! I loved the color and structure of it. Im with you on amy adams as well. why the necklace?? why?

so fun to see all the amazing dresses. i like to day dream about walking a red carpet in a fantastic million dollar dress and jewels. im a nerd.

Emily Nice said...

Love the way you put things. Makes me laugh! Thanks

Anonymous said...

i wish you could go on the fashion red carpet show thing with babs and k osborne. you would rock it. had lots of fun at the oscar party. it did get a little rowdy, so it was hard to pay attention to the dresses. so thanks for the recap. can't wait for the mag to come out. love you.