Sunday, August 10, 2008

I. Survived. Camp.

Since I'm in the YW Presidency in my ward, guess where I was able to go last week? Girl's Camp! That's right naysayers, the girl's camp dropout (I refused to go after 3rd year) went to camp. Due to lack of vacation time I was only able to go from Thursday morning-Saturday afternoon, but it was still enough time for me to really experience Camp Mia Shalom.

Here are some highlights of my 52 hour stay at camp:
- I came packed for August weather, however temps ranged from about 40-70 degrees. Brrrr.
- It rained SO much. 10 minutes from the end of the hike it began pouring and hailing. I had never been so wet- thank goodness I brought extra pants and shoes!
- When sharing a cabin, it is smart to have earplugs for bedtime. You never know who might snore and the decibels their snores can reach :)
-Large quantities of chocolate are a must
-The leaders almost gave our girls a heart attack when doing our "Hot, hot desert" skit. I wish there were pictures!
- This was the longest I've gone without a shower. The showers were literally ice cold and since it was so cold outside anyway, I felt that filth was more desirable than freezing in the shower.
- In lieu of a real shower, baby wipe showers and a bandanna on my head were lifesavers.

Me and my girls getting ready to canoe around the lake. My hot outfit of workout pants and hoodie, layered with a poncho and a life jacket earned me the nickname of Miss Puffy. I was very attractive.


Anonymous said...

and you STILL managed to look fabulous. I thought of you all weekend. Can't wait to hear the details. Welcome back, we missed you.

Morgan said...

You did look fabulous!!! How fun! I always loved girls camp and would love so much to go again someday!

Sarah & Ty said...

way to go chrissi!!!!!!!! you survived!! Our girls camp was last week too. must've been a popular week, huh?

Terri said...

I'm so proud of you for going to girls camp... especially since I know how you felt about it when you were in YW's. Way to go. And you do still have that great 100 watt smile.

Lindsey said...

Congrats! Did it make you wish you went more as a YW?!? Bummer it was so cold and rainy the whole time! Hope things are good in Utah!

sarahbclark! said...

good for you, chrissi! and yeah, you still looked cute. i'll bet you're glad you didn't have to stay the whole week though!