Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yeah gymnastics.

After watching the Olympics for a million+ hours I think that I have a crush on Raj from the US men's gymnastics team. Not sure why, just one of those random's I guess.

Also, my heart goes out to Alicia Sacramone from the US women's gymnastics team. Girlfriend just didn't have a good meet. I feel bad for her, because everyone else hit their routines and she fell on both floor and beam. I'm guessing she's feeling pretty low. I even so, there's no reason to complain about getting a silver medal in the olympics, right? Chin up Alicia- it's not like you fell on super-easy stuff. I think I'd fall too (actually no... I think die is a better word) if I had to do your routines.

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~Aimee~ said...

I love Alicia too! I felt so awful for the poor thing!