Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 15: Something that I crave a lot.

How about two things that I crave on the regular?

Chocolate chip cookies... yum yum yum.
I really think that I might enjoy chocolate chip cookies more than just plain chocolate. Is that blasphemy? Or does it at least violate, like the rules of feminism? {What movie, what movie?}

I do love to shop. What I lack is disposable cash flow. I vote that social workers should make six figures, as we have to deal with craziness and mayhem all.day.long.


Kaley Shoaf said...

Well, shoot. I'm craving those cookies now that you put that picture up there. They look so good!

Melissa said...

It's not blasphemy. I crave my chocolate in the form of cookies and chocolate cake! YUM! Carb studded chocolate if you will...

Sarah said...

CLUELESS!!!!!! love it.

I have an AMAZING chocolate chip cookie recipe I've been craving everyday. So so good.

Sarah said...

Oh and PS: the cookies are better than just chocolate b/c of BUTTER & SUGAR of course. :)