Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love Day recap.

Jeesh, I've been busy with the whole "30 posts in 30 days" thing that I really haven't posted much on what has been going on lately in my life! Let's start with Valentine's Day, shall we?

I was really excited to make cards this year- I made a few for some pals, Dylan's girlfriend Camila, and even one for our mailman. Ben says that it was silly to give the mailman a card (and candy too!), but I thought that it would be a nice gesture of appreciation. He does ensure that my Glamour magazine arrives at the house each month, after all. 

Ben and I typically aren't into big Valentine's gifts or dinners- we usually get some takeout and call it a day. This year my Benjamin went above and beyond by surprising me with a trip to the Nordstrom at Fashion Place Mall to pick up a pair of these little ladies:
Yes, that is a very, very poor quality picture of my new favorite shoes- Tory Burch Revas. You see, I've been coveting (and saving for) these beauties for quite some time, and now they're mine! Muah-ha-ha.

Made me feel kind of lame for setting up a fort/tent in our basement to watch Fever Pitch and eat some pie. Made me feel like I should have gotten him a new golf club or something.

Behold, the fort and our ghetto basement carpet.

{oy, we're lookin' a little rough in this one}

Thanks Benjamin for a spectacular VDay!

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Anonymous said...

what? I LOVE that picture. you guys look great. love the fort.