Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 16: What's in my purse.

Today's purse contents is pretty typical, although usually I don't take my Kindle or iPod along with me. Since I was at the hospital for about 4 hours, I needed entertainment material.

Here's the rundown:
3 pens
chapstick + makeup bag
personal phone
work phone
Special K bar
2 mini Milky Ways
nail polish (not sure why...)

There you have it! Usually there are receipts and what not, but I cleaned out my purse a week ago and have managed to keep things relatively clutter-free since.


Jo-Dan said...

Ummm...I know why you had the nail that you could paint your nails during staff meeting. You are such a hard worker!

Anonymous said...

AND, she had the ipod and kindle to also do during staff meeting. don't forget that boss. ps you forgot to mention that because you change your purse on a daily basis (to match your shoes) it is usually relatively clean anyway.

Whitney said...

Your blog is just adorable and your little boy? PRECIOUS!