Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 26: A photo that makes me angry/sad.

This picture was posted last week, but it is definitely fitting for day 26. This picture makes me angry and sad. Angry, because I thought that my nails were dry before putting my laptop in it's case. Nope, they weren't dry, as my giant nail smudge show. Sad, because my perfectly painted nails were no longer so, and I needed to decided whether I wanted to go through the week day with jacked up nails or if I should repaint. Jacked up nails won.


Jenni said...

This happens to me basically every single time I get my nails done, which is why I almost never get them done.

;) Hope you have a great week Chrissi!!

Lori said...

I've read that if you take a finger and put some nail polish remover on it and rub over the nail smudge it will smooth out a little, just be careful to ruin another nail when dipping in the remover. :)