Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh, look.

Hello lovelies.

I've been all sorts of curious about who is following my blog. I think that I'm aware of most of the friends stopping by the blog, but there are probably some that I don't know. Not that I'm weirded out people that I don't personally know stopping by- it's totally fine. To satisfy said curiousness, I've put up the little follower thing on the right side of my blog, right under the picture of my mischevious little Dylan.

Could you do me a quick favor and click "follow" if you are indeed a follower of my blog? Thankyoumuch.

1 comment:

Tad and Florencia said...

Hi Chrissi, I had to admit I follow you and LOVE all your blogs. I often check up on Taylor and Hollie and your name always pops up since you update all the time :D I have a blog, but I suck at updating, guess I just turn to FB. By the way, your boy is freaking adorable! ~Flo and Mya <3