Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 30: A photograph of myself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

My goodness, I can't believe that the 30 (er, 31) days are finally complete! Blogging every single day is no easy task, even if it was just a day when I posted a picture and a little blurb. I think that I was able to get into a good blogging pattern though. This blog's primary purpose is to document the lives of me and my family, and I think that daily (or near daily) posting will be something great to look back on- how was I feeling, what was happening, etc.

Anyway, let's get to the task at hand.

Here's a picture of me today...
Don't we both look sleepy?

And here are three good things that have happened over the past month:
1. My sweet niece Everly was born. She really is the best baby- she never cries unless she's hungry or getting a diaper change. Sarah hit the jackpot with this little one. Maybe it's her blessing from a botched epidural?
2. I was able to visit my family in Indiana. I only get back to Indy a few times a year and it's always good to go home.
3. I was able to go on a date with Benjamin! Unfortunately, this doesn't happen every month- I'd say every 2 or 3. We need to be better about making time for us as a couple! It's just so easy to get wrapped up in the business that is our lives and we really enjoy having Dylan around.

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Ashley said...

yayyyy for date nights!!!!! we dont have kiddos yet... im sure ill appreciate them more when I do :)